Female Etiquette

Your makeup is done, you’ve picked out your favourite outfit and your hair is freshly styled. 

So, what now?

You look and feel like a woman… but how do you act? How do you walk and move? 

How do you feel confident sitting in a bar or restaurant, holding your drink, crossing your legs, sitting and standing? All seemingly easy things, but not when all your life you’ve done these things as a male. That’s where our female etiquette lessons with Isabella will help you, adding those finishing touches to help you feel confident out in the real world and to pass.
As children we are taught how to walk, but we each develop our own style as we grow. Find your path and learn how to walk as a woman with or without heels. Take this opportunity to let Isabella re-invent you and how you feel look and act. Remember every street is a catwalk… You can do this. 


Isabella is a body movement life coach, ambassador for body positivity and feminine energy empowerment

She has worked for nearly 20 years in dance, burlesque, cabaret, modeling and acting. Her hugely successful career working around the word with incredible teams has given her a wealth of experience and depth of knowledge which are extensive in her field. This is only matched by her patience, kindness and willingness to really lift others up though movement and positivity.

Isabella has mentored and coached women from all walks of life in helping them reconnect with their inner goddess and build on that powerful feminine energy. From walking in heels to how to walk into a room with presence, Isabella has been on a one woman mission to empower other women with her skills and knowledge and encouragement.

Take this opportunity to let Isabella re-invent you and how you feel look and act. Remember every street is a catwalk... You can do this!

Prices from £60/hour for a one-to-one session


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