Beautiful Skin, Clear Of Unwanted Hair​

Deborah is our lady with the magic wand as she can help remove unwanted hair from your face chest, legs and other areas of the body, in preparation for surgery.
Deborah has over twenty years’ experience as a hands-on therapist, so you are in safe hands. Based in West Malling in Kent, her passion for electrolysis and constant commitment to client well-being gives hope to anyone suffering from unwanted facial hair, by offering a permanent hair removal solution.

You'll Be In Good Hands

Helping people with something as common as unwanted hair can make a huge psychological difference, and this is the reason why she is so passionate about electrolysis. 
Deborah also runs a weekly pop-up clinic at The London Transgender Clinic, supporting their patients through their transgender transformations.
Electrolysis has the longest known track record together with the most effective results for permanent hair removal.


Our happy clients...