Hello and welcome to the Big Sisters website holding page!

I’m Jan and this is Katy and along with our trusted group of friends, we are Big Sisters.

Katy is transgender and when she told me, back in June 2020, I didn’t know what that would mean for her, so together we started our journey of discovery to get to where we are today. Because I walked side by side with Katy, I saw how difficult it was for her to get answers, to get support and how even the simplest things became traumatic and complicated. If she wasn’t being misled then she had to pay over the odds for things just because she was trans.

I am lucky in that I have a trusted network of good friends who have always helped and supported me and I was able to call on them to put that same support around Katy. As I knew they would, they all embraced the opportunity and rose to the challenge to help her.

It was while we were in Spain (where Katy had her facial feminisation surgery) and were out shopping that we sat down for a bite to eat in the famous Orange Square in Marbella old town. Katy turned to me and said “I’ve had a lovely day today Jan, it was so great to be able to go in and out of shops and look at clothes, try things on and no one bats an eyelid. Thank you so much. It would be so great if everyone could have a big sister like you”. And so, at that moment, sitting in the late afternoon sun with a glass of sangria, the idea of Big Sisters was born. We made a pact that day that we would do something that would help, guide and support other transgender girls on their journeys.

Now, the team that helped Katy to become the woman she is, has come together as Big Sisters to provide other trans women with the help, support and guidance they need to be their true selves.

Our website will soon be up and running and will detail all the services we offer including hair, make-up, deportment, counselling, electrolysis, style advice, photography and support through every stage of your transition. You can email us at jan@bigsisters.co.uk or katy@bigsisters.co.uk


Jan, Katy and the rest of the Big Sisters team.