Our Experience, Your Journey. Let us help and support you by accompanying you to a clinic or hospital appointment or even being with you when you have surgery. Big Sisters can be with you every step of the way.

Clinic or hospital appointments can make you feel very anxious, and it can really help to have someone to support you that has been there before. We can help you prepare for your appointment both physically and mentally. We won’t go into your appointment with you, but we will travel with you, wait for you and travel back with you so you have someone to talk it through with.

Katie had her facial feminization surgery with the Facial Team in Marbella and her gender reassignment surgery at the IM Clinic in Barcelona that specializes in this and body feminization surgery. If you’re considering surgery then we are happy to put you in touch and arrange an introductory call.

Just fancy a chat?


Then come and have coffee with Katie, or if you are unable to travel then we can set up a zoom call. Katie says “Early on in my transition, just having someone to talk to would have helped me enormously.”

Katie is not a psychologist or counsellor, but she has been through all the clinic appointments and the surgery. Jan has been beside her all the way and has seen what it takes to support someone through this.

  • Coffee and a chat. For up to 2 hours within 30 minutes of Maidstone (includes Bluewater) £70
  • 1-hour zoom call £30
  • Accompanying to hospital or clinic appointments from £30/hour plus travel depending on location


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